2nd Exploration Committee: UC Davis Preferred Partnership Program (UP3)


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Teresa Gould
Interim Director - University Partnership Program
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Ashwin Aravindakshan
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Management

Committee Members

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Emily Galindo
Associate Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs
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Rich Engel
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association
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John Campbell
Associate Vice Chancellor for Divisional Resources, Student Affairs
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Shelley Birdsong Maddex
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Foundation and Corporate Giving
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Tim Maguire
Chief Procurement Officer, Accounting and Financial Services
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Heather Hunter
Associate Executive Director / Chief Revenue Officer
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Scott Stevenson
Creative Analyst and Business Enterprise Lead for UC Davis Student Affairs
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Mona Ellerbrock
Director, Office of Corporate Relations
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Rocko DeLuca
Deputy Athletics Director
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Janice Corbett
Business Manager of the Associated Students
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Jason Lorgan
Executive Director, Campus Recreation and Unions
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Tom Hinds
Director of Marketing and Branding, Strategic Communications
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Kraig Brady
Director of Hospitality and Dining Services, Student Housing
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Yuxin Chen
GSA Marketing Consultant
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Jin Zhang
ASUCD Controller


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Solly Fulp
Executive Director of the University Partnership Program at UC Berkeley