Administrative Computer Standards

Generate greater departmental savings by purchasing limited assortment of standardized administrative computer equipment.

The Computer Bulk Purchasing initiative seeks to synchronize existing procurement procedures, implement hardware standards across campus for a selection of products, and bundle large orders to drive deeper discounts. Due to the decentralized nature of the campus’ administrative IT units, the university is missing an opportunity to generate departmental savings from bulk purchases. With approximately 200 different computer equipment brands and models used on campus, developing procurement standards will allow the university to leverage greater discounts, rollout new computers faster, offer a managed yet diverse selection of brands/models, reduce our IT risk profile, improve service times, and establish replacement cycles that help stabilize department budgeting. The initiative could also benefit academic departments or labs that wish to participate.

Executive Sponsor: Tim Maguire, Chief Procurement Officer, Accounting & Financial Services

Project Champion: Mike Morgan, Associate Director, Procurement

Project Manager: Britney Duyanovich, Strategic Sourcing IT

Contact Email:

Steering Committee:

  • Tim Maguire, Chief Procurement Officer, Accounting & Financial Services
  • Hampton Sublett, Director, Office of Strategic Solutions, FOA
  • Anissa Nachman, Director, Administrative Budget and Operations, BIA
  • Carolyn Nordstrom, Executive Advisor to the CIO for Strategy and Planning, IET
  • Steve Pigg, Executive Director, College of Engineering
  • Quico Gonzalez, IT Manager, IET
  • Mike Morgan, Associate Director, Procurement
  • Additional members added as necessary